Bake Camp: Fun in the Kitchen

Maria's Mom's offers baking workshops for kids ages 5-14. Each camp will include 10-12 participants. Bring your own group or join another! Details on current programs are as below:

To register, please sign and return the Bake Camp liability form. The form can be dropped off during store hours or left in the mailbox (on Locust Avenue curb) after hours.

Note that all camps are non-refundable. You may phone in your credit card information or pay in person during regular store hours. All payments must be made in full at the time of scheduling. Due to high demand, time slots will not be held unless they are paid in full.

Contact Maria's Mom's for additional information and pricing, or learn more about our baking programs.

Mommy & Me Baking Class

Our Mommy & Me class is a great opportunity for kids that are a little too young for our bake camps. Now you're younger children can experience the fun of baking, and enjoy some unique Mom-time too.

Contact us for dates and to register your spot today. 

Summer Camps

Summer camps are offered weekly starting June 26 thru August 23!

  • Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each with a different focus:
    • Sweet Tuesday
    • Savory Wednesday
    • Sugar Thursday
  • July 4th week camps offered: 7/3, 7/5, 7/6
  • August 14th week camps offered: 8/16, 8/17, 8/18
  • Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm or 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
  • Cost: $135 per child
  • Total of 12 menu items are made each week; campers take home all product at the end of the week.
  • Includes T-shirt and snack (all campers should bring a thermos or water bottle for hydration)

* All payments must be made in full at the time of scheduling. We cannot hold spots without payment due to high demand.


Maria's Mom's also offers adult baking camps. Schedule your own group of 6 or more for a fun adult class with your friends and family.

Contact Maria's Mom's for additional information.